At any point in time your organisation may have an issue managing change. The human impact of this may be in attracting, engaging and developing employees. It may be in the leading or implementation of change programs.

We help our clients build solutions to address these issues. Our advice is underpinned by the industry experience essential to help you successfully manage change for your employees. It is this breadth of change experience across a range of industries and change scenarios that allows us to share our experience to develop the best change solution for your people and organisation.

Managing change

How do you address the human impact of change? Best practice recognises the importance of proactive management of people related issues. Neglect can impact on your organisation’s brand and its ability to attract future employees.

Attracting talent

Where do you look to seek out the specialised talent pools your organisation requires? Our Full Circle© talent management model allows you access to specialised employee talent pools. This module complements our client outplacement service and provides new employment opportunities to employees undergoing transition. A win / win for employees and employers.

Engaging talent

How effective are your organisation’s career development conversations? How well defined are the career pathway options for your talented employee you have worked hard to attract? Frustration on behalf of the employee as to their inability to identify a career pathway can lead to disengagement. Failure to effectively engage and manage employees can result in the unnecessary leakage of talent.

Developing talent

How well understood are the capabilities your organisation requires and how effective is the organisation at identifying and developing those capabilities? When leadership is required during periods of change, does your organisation have the right people equipped to lead at the right time? Have you identified and mapped the skills your organisation requires for the future? What is the plan to fill the gaps?

How can Choice Career Services help you overcome these problems?