Supporting your employees through change

Your employees are our focus in any outplacement program. We prefer to work on a one to one basis to ensure we understand the transition needs of the employee and then develop a program designed to assist the employee through to a successful transition.

The alignment of our team with your employees is essential to engaging employees and successfully assisting them. We call this ‘fit’ and it is the foundation for program success.

Our consultants and coaches are passionate about helping employees through transition. They are experienced professionals with the knowledge and experience to guide your employees through a significant period of change. They are driven by outcomes and want to see your employees build the confidence to successfully achieve their goals. It is what we do every day.

Understanding that no client need is the same, we tailor our solutions to fit your needs. We’re also versatile in our delivery, and can deliver programs across multiple sites nationally and globally incorporating the OI Global partners network of which we are the Australasian partner.

The foundation of what we do is addressing the needs of the employee from CEO through to all of your employees. The key to transition success is ‘fit’ and the building of the one to one relationship. Our core skill is identifying the right ‘fit’ between your employee and our coach / consultant.

Our commitment to a successful transition extends to post program support. As we know the transition process is not a smooth process and it is important to understand there is someone who is independent and objective to support your employee through this process.

Want to give your employees the outplacement support they deserve?