Is your organisation effectively managing transformation and change? When the need for change becomes apparent, the scale of it can become transformative. So how does your organisation assess and manage the human impact of change? How do you assess the basic questions confronting employees; when, why, and how does this affect me? These situations can be very uncertain and challenging on employees. Failure to adequately address these issues and concerns can lead to loss of key employees, as well as disengagement and ultimately failure to successfully implement the changes required.

Our team deal with these issues every day and they deliver their experience with sensitivity and compassion. They work with your people leaders to provide the guidance and support your employees need, to ensure they understand the reasons for change and are provided with the support to allow change to be implemented successfully.

We offer customised programs to help manage the impact of change. Within these programs our consultants will assist the employee in:

  • Identifying their career values and interests;
  • Marrying these with a career plan;
  • Identifying a future career path; and
  • ‘Buying in’ to the concept, and accepting career management as their responsibility.

Want to ensure your managing transformation and change initiatives benefit your people in the long term?

Let’s make them work together.