Our programs are designed to provide employee support to make a successful career transition. It is a combination of customised one to one support and the ‘fit’ between your employee and our consultant that makes the difference. A positive employee transition impacts upon your organisation’s brand. This is how we assist you in providing employee support when managing the human impact of change.

Executive Outplacement

We understand the sensitivity and importance of executive outplacement. However, our coaches recognise their role is to not only support the executive but also to challenge their thinking throughout the change process. It may be uncomfortable at times but these conversations invariably lead to better transition outcomes.


Attracting and managing talent is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. A proactive redeployment program can make the difference in retaining key employees and their skills and experiences. Our experience managing these programs will make a difference to engaging and keeping key talent within your organisation.

Full Circle©

For us, outplacement doesn’t stop when the employee completes their program. We actively market the skills of those employees we work with to a network of employers who have a specific interest in accessing these skill sets. We see this as the Full Circle of transition; providing employee support when making a successful transition to new employment.

Career development

Does your organisation engage its employees with a structured career development program? Does it lose employees because they are unaware of the opportunities and career pathways which the organisation can provide? Our coaches and support aligns to your organisation to develop a personalised program which engages and inspires your employees.


How important is the development of leadership and talent within your organisation? How prepared are your leaders to design, implement and manage change in these disruptive times? Our qualified coaches bring a strong methodology combined with executive experience to develop your leaders’ capability to more effectively lead change programs.

Managing transformation and change

Change and transformation do have a major human impact in your organisation. Employees become unsettled as they assess the impact of change in accordance with their circumstances. Fundamental questions need to be addressed by your leaders when planning and implementing change. Yes, the strategy is important but do you ask yourself the question: How do you manage the human impact of this change?

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