Traditional outplacement services will aim to equip the employee with the skills to re-enter the employment market. We have always recognised the weaknesses of this model. Our pioneering post program support ensured the employee always had access to their consultant to provide them with the ongoing support necessary as the employee experienced the ‘roller coaster ride’ of transition.

We’ve now taken a further step and introduced Full Circle©. This product closes the loop between outplacement and new employment. We have a dedicated team out marketing the skills of your employees to potential new employers. Building a network of employers with a need to access specific skills sets is a win for employees undertaking our outplacement programs and a win for those employees seeking to access specific talent pools.

Our linkage of employers seeking talent and employees seeking new employment is a powerful transition model and is a testimony to the quality of employees we support as the employers seeking talent have embraced this new talent sourcing model.

Our systems facilitate a dynamic employment market place where employers and employees can market roles and their profiles. All employees benefit from access to live employment opportunities and employers have access to employees vetted via our consultants. The specific skills sets of talent can be a new potential talent source for employers.

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