Redeployment: An effective employee retention strategy

Managing the human impact of change is often difficult for managers in any organisation. Often we see organisations make restructuring decisions where the financial outcome outweighs all other associated issues including the employees affected. As a result, employee skills and experience become an unintended casualty of the change. But does it really need to be like this?

When your organisation is the headline – how do you manage?

Last week we saw Telstra announce a planned 1,100 redundancies. The media pounced, and splashed the Telstra brand across newspaper front pages, and lead item news stories on television and radio. The picture they painted was far from complimentary, and it was left to a Telstra spokesperson to play the ‘straight bat’; jumping on the defensive, and dealing with the ‘headline seeking’ questions. However, within 24 hours the ‘pack’ moved on, awaiting the next ‘big brand’ and its announcement. But, does it really need to be this way?