Video: Where does HR’s responsibility end?

In October 2012, Choice Career Services and Kliger Partners Lawyers hosted a panel discussion on HR’s obligations and responsibilities in a constantly-changing environment. With economic circumstances, competitive pressures, evolving technology and new legislation all playing a part in change, the discussion aimed to lend clarity to the role that HR can play in managing this change more effectively.

How can I demonstrate the ROI of outplacement?

Times of organisational change can be difficult for the entire organisation, impacting not only employees transitioning out of the company, but also those remaining. It’s therefore unsurprising that supporting employees through this transition is often the number one priority of an HR manager, even if it means failing to consider the ROI of outplacement.

In fact, in our recent outplacement survey, nearly 80% of HR managers indicated that concern for the welfare of transitioning employees was the key driver for providing outplacement services during a redundancy period. Another important factor was minimising the impact on remaining employees.