Building resilience in the face of change

What do you as an organisation do when confronted with change? Particularly when there is a level of ambiguity around how things are changing?

This week’s Budget has had an uncontrollably ruthless impact on many Government organisations, and more importantly, the employees within. The uncertainty Tuesday’s announcement has created is profound, and the question all employees want answered is, “What does this mean for me?”

Our 3 key takeaways from the 2014 HR Summit

The annual HR Summit offers HR executives an intimate environment to participate in a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping corporate priorities and HR strategies. This year, on its 10th anniversary, Choice Career Services was a proud sponsor and participant; engaging in dialogue around fundamental issues challenging management. The Summit was a fantastic opportunity to engage and learn from HR’s elite on issues such as establishing resilience, building employee engagement, and improving productivity within the workplace; matters that these executives face daily.

Numerous presentations were made throughout the week by members of the group, and were well received by all attendees. It was a unique opportunity to not only absorb new ideas, but shape them too.

Think global, act local: Customised local expertise now available worldwide

As Australia and New Zealand’s sole representative of CareerNet International (CNI), we are proud to announce that OI Partners Inc. and CNI talent management firms have entered into a formal alliance to jointly operate as OI Global Partners. The alliance will strengthen the career transition and coaching program capacities of both organizations through its 225 offices in 28 countries.

With a spirit line of “Leading change for organizations and individuals”, OI Global Partners now ranks among the top 3 Independent Global Firms. The alliance specializes in career transition/outplacement services, executive coaching, organizational change and employee engagement consulting, leadership and talent development, and other workforce solutions.

Reputation management: What to do before it’s too late…

When organisations contemplate change programs, great thought is given to the redesign of processes, the financial impact, and – one would hope – the human impact. However, often overlooked is the impact change will have on an organisation’s reputation, especially when surrounded by the negative commentary of affected stakeholders.

The media has highlighted this issue in recent weeks, as disgruntled employees flocked to social media channels with tweets and posts relating to their lack of engagement with the organisations and managers who employ them. It seems reasonable to assume that this activity is not wise; as Leigh Johns Australia’s Fair Work Commissioner stated ‘using social media to telegraph to the world your dissatisfaction is #dumbbehaviour’. But why do some employees deem it necessary to express their feelings to the world? The answer – uncertainty.

Redeployment: An effective employee retention strategy

Managing the human impact of change is often difficult for managers in any organisation. Often we see organisations make restructuring decisions where the financial outcome outweighs all other associated issues including the employees affected. As a result, employee skills and experience become an unintended casualty of the change. But does it really need to be like this?

When your organisation is the headline – how do you manage?

Last week we saw Telstra announce a planned 1,100 redundancies. The media pounced, and splashed the Telstra brand across newspaper front pages, and lead item news stories on television and radio. The picture they painted was far from complimentary, and it was left to a Telstra spokesperson to play the ‘straight bat’; jumping on the defensive, and dealing with the ‘headline seeking’ questions. However, within 24 hours the ‘pack’ moved on, awaiting the next ‘big brand’ and its announcement. But, does it really need to be this way?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – so buy a new one!

You’ll recognise a traditional outplacement company as rigid, process driven, and dated; operating out of costly real estate, and servicing only the executive end of town – and we’re not the only ones who think so!

An outplacement survey conducted earlier this year, by DirectEmployers Association and CareerBeam,found that 58% of respondents were frustrated with the outplacement services offered by their provider; often viewing them as outdated, comprising of the wrong tools, and expensive.

What does effective outplacement look like, and what expectations should it deliver?

The appointment of an outplacement provider can be a valuable tool in managing the human impact of change, but it is important to recognise outplacement assistance is not the panacea for a successful career transition. It will certainly assist, but it is the drive and hard work of the individual which is essential for a successful outplacement program.

Luncheon Discussion

The findings of Choice’s recent “Global Outplacement Report’ identified some potential opportunities and challenges associated with the use of social media in managing such change.