How a successful outplacement program managed the human impact of change

When managing company ENGIE decided to shut down Hazelwood Power Station in November 2016, it was widely acknowledged that the closure would have a devastating impact on employees and the broader Latrobe Valley community.

Not only did the station supply power to 25% of Victoria, but it was also the workplace of 750 employees. Generations of families in the valley had been employed there, and it was an integral part of the region’s economy.

The decision to shut down the Hazelwood Power Station wasn’t one
that managing company ENGIE took lightly. In the case study, learn
how the process of outplacement was conducted, including:

Why ENGIE decided to
bring in an outplacement
program provider.

What those managing the
closure believed was
critically important.

The steps outplacement
project managers took to
provide a successful outcome
for outgoing employees.

Create positive outcomes out of closures and downsizing

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Watch the 5-minute case study:

In the case study, learn how Choice approached the outplacement process for Hazelwood, and
how Engie achieved a 75% successful outplacement rate for outgoing employees.

“At the end of the outplacement process, I felt comfortable and equipped.
Without that, I have no doubt that I would have struggled to find employment.”

Mark Wilkins
Former HR Business Partner, ENGIE Hazelwood