Supporting organisations & employees during disruption

We know you’re tired of hearing about disruption in today’s environment but that doesn’t mean the problems aren’t real.

Whether you’re inquiring as an employer or employee, we are here to offer you support in anyway with free resources, learning tools and virtual consultations.

Helping organisations manage the human impact of change


A positive employee transition impacts your organisation’s brand. Our programs are designed to assist the employee in making a successful career transition through customised one to one support.

Executive Outplacement

We understand the sensitivity and importance of executive outplacement. Our coaches know their role is to support the executive while challenging their thinking throughout the change process.


A proactive redeployment program can make the difference in retaining key employees and their skills and experience.

Full Circle©

We actively market the skills of those employees we work with to a network of employers who have a specific interest in accessing these skill sets. We call this the Full Circle transition.

Career development

Our coaches align to your organisation to develop a personalised program which engages and inspires your employees.


Our qualified coaches bring a strong methodology combined with executive experience to develop your leaders’ capability to more effectively lead change programs.

Managing transformation and change

Employees become unsettled as they assess the impact of change. Yes, the strategy is important, but how can leadership manage the human impact of change?

What our clients say

“Choice Career Services have delivered approximately 60 group workshops (i.e. approximately 600 employees) across all NSW regional and metropolitan centres. The organisation has exceeded all expectations. They have been professional, supportive and flexible. Their ability to meet our tight timeframes has been greatly appreciated. They have been a true partner and will continue with us through several planned reforms in the future.”
NSW Department of Family & Community Services
NSW Government
“Choice Career Services has provided critical support by partnering with the HR Reform team to facilitate a journey of personal and professional change. This has been a very intensive process which has involved assisting employees in identifying their skills and achievements and then guiding them through the preparation of their EOI applications, addressing comparable assessments, resume preparation and preparing for interviews.”
Kristine Condell
Senior Project Manager, HR Reform

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